Thank you for seeing me at such short notice on Saturday evening.

It was a privilege to meet you and let me please add my voice to that of your chorus of admirers: you are truly a very beautiful, sensuous and spiritual woman, a true Aphrodite amongst mere mortals. I am not naturally submissive, so I must apologise for any disrespectful behaviour or failure to observe proper etiquette. I enjoyed being caned by you, perhaps my only disappointment being that, as I write, there is no evidence to suggest it ever happened.

Stripping naked in front of a woman is something of a taboo for me, but enjoyed doing so for you. Your breasts possess a hypnotic quality to make slaves of all men and your legs are sculpted by the very hands of the Gods. I continue to trace your contours in my dreams, tormented by that which I cannot have. And your accent, a blend of European nuance, is music I would listen to for hours, and more hours, and hours more … and I would still be left wanting more. I hope your partner truly appreciates how special you are and lets you know each day.

I have not climaxed for a woman before, so please do not regard my failure to do so as anything other than nervousness in front of a Goddess. It will take time.

You slapped my face – you must have read my mind. Being slapped is a long held fantasy of mine. Thank you.


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