First of all thanks you so much, that was just what the doctor ordered. You are indeed a Goddess a man should worship with relish.
You asked me for some feedback and with pleasure I will do so.
It would be almost tempting to say, What I liked; all of it . What I wanted more off; all of it plus more but I suspect something more erudite would be more useful.
Your banter and persona honestly I could not stop grinning. Well except when i saw it cause the evil flare in your eyes. I quickly learn’t to hold my grin then. I know at the moment I adored my obedience and I am certain you have a very obedient toy. My mind has crossed to wondering what would happen if i did cross the line and properly both scare and thrill me.
The banter was as i said joyfully playful with some humour and I hope soon when I’m not to absolutely gobsmacked to be able to play back. The talk, the threat and the insinuation were well played.Do mark me if you desire I will wear my wound with pride. Well I do misbehave I do expect to be punished harshly. As i said I’ll try every tool and type of punishment. My eyes rolled when i saw your selection of toys. The violet wand made me actually flinch which I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

Once again My Goddess thank you for an extraordinary evening.

Your most Adoring humble slave,
x x


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