I am so glad I convinced myself to fill in your consultation forms.
I felt like you immediately knew me and what I wanted. There wasn’t a minute that wasn’t perfect, and intense. I don’t know how you do it, but you made it so real, allowing me to be free and it will be vivid in my memory until I return.
I know I had requested an act you do not perform, but I was not let down at all. In fact I would say you opened me up to a new experience. Which I painstakingly enjoyed.
Being masked, spanked, teased whilst naked unnerved me, but feeling you walk around me I felt safe, totally submissive but safe.
Your dungeon is sensual, sexual and stunning, just like you goddess. You are not like any other Dominatrix, you control the power but I felt a spiritual side to you also. It was easy and my pleasure to let you command me in every way.
You have a hypnotic controlling voice and one I want to please and obey over and over again.

Thank you mistress.

Your (not yet) quite worthy slave.

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