Could you read my mind when I walked through your door?

My time with you was my first, and you knew how to ease me into the experience. I was slightly petrified, but Goddess Salvia, you treated me well, and punished me accordingly. I am so grateful for being taught by you how to be a good slave. I think I was obedient, but I want to find out if I can be more so. I want to learn how a good slave can obey you and beg to please you more.

Everything about my experience with you was impeccable, from your stunning outfits, your flogging table, your huge range of punishing props, and the unbelievable holding cell. My eyes have never been more opened when I saw that.

I found Goddess Salvia to be fair but in control of me 100%. She makes it easy to want to please her, and lets not forget the fact that she is unbelievably attractive and sexy. This was to date the most amazing hour of my life so far and I want more and more now.
I will be back goddess, I aim to be your perfect most loyal slave.

Yours obediently
Your minion x

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