May I please call you that outside the amazing experience I had with you?

As a woman I have never experienced a Dominatrix before, but upon reading your website and how you expressed your interest in people’s sexuality I thought, “can I do this?”
Dearest Madam Salvia, what I experienced with you was nothing short of amazing and exhilarating!
Your tantalising, seductive, sexy, professional manner was more than pleasing. The exotic array of toys you offered more than intoxicated me, my mind and my body.
You summoned my body to be your anything!
The way your tortured me with your “purple wond” was both painful but so close to pleasurable. I felt like my controlling life, had left me, and yet I was controlled in such a different way.
Mistress, thank you for letting me experience something so new to me, and being THE perfect Dominatrix host.
Your dungeon is just So warm and welcoming, I would love to love to obey and please your commands again.
I would love to recommend you to my friends, but I don’t want to share you!!!

Shy, first timer… N

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