Introducing Goddess Salvia’s hidden world of domination & her discreet Brighton dungeon

brighton dungeon


Enter a hidden realm. Step beyond the veils of two worlds and be prepared to let your senses take over.

My chambers are opulent and sensual. Decadently decorated in a Moulin Rouge inspired style with velvets and soft lighting, as apposed to the mainstream industrial style dungeon.

Once you are in my realm you become mine and submit yourself to me fully. You may find yourself kneeling and head bowed beneath stilletoes boots, as I sit on my throne, carefully observing and making my plans of you. You may be standing strapped and spread eagle, secured to the St Andrews cross and sensing My approach from behind. Perhaps you’re padlocked helpless in the stocks or tied to My padded red leather bench, wondering just what things Goddess is going to do to you next?

I have an ever growing collection of beautiful crops, whips, canes and floggers together with a plethora of inventive devices and tools with which I can enjoy teasing or torturing you with.  A trample rope and various other pieces of furniture await you too, whilst My walk in wardrobe is stocked with latex, shoes, wigs, uniforms and stockings to name just  a few visual treats to excite you.

Underground lies My hidden interrogation cell. A dark place where no one can see or hear you.  A place where you can be held captive and at My mercy until such time as I decide upon your release.

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