If I know you!

Please contact me to arrange your next session by phoning (not text) or emailing:

If you are new to me!

Click here to download a CONSULTATION FORM which you should print out and return to me by email.

The consultation form is for both our benefits. If for any reason you cannot complete it, send an email to let Mistress know.


Read the information below and make yourself familiar with the information on this website.


The Goddess’s schedule varies on a day to day basis, however generally she is available:

Monday to Friday 10:00am until 21:00pm

Weekend sessions can be accommodated by special arrangement.


If you wish to visit Goddess Salvia. The following tribute, along with a suitable gift will be expected.

£150.00 per hour.

£80.00 per half hour.

Sessions in excess of two hours will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Goddess Salvia requires a deposit upon booking of £50. Any cancellation under 24 hours is non-refundable.

No Spamming

Goddess does not expect a thread of emails from you.

She is far too busy to be answering emails. She would much prefer doing more constructive activities.


If you wish to leave a testimonial after your session as a token of appreciation and worship, please do so.

Etiquette & Manners

The Goddess will NOT tolerate poor manners in anyone who would like to serve her, nor does she tolerate time wasters.

Do NOT send vulgar or rude messages, these will be ignored.

The Goddess demands respect at all times. She does not accept calls from withheld numbers or arrange appointments via text.

All appointments must be confirmed prior to your meeting. Slaves who confirm their appointments and do not show for their assigned time will be required to send a deposit before a new appointment will be granted.

Arrive on time.

If you are unable to make a session contact The Goddess. Not turning up is disrespectful and it will result in you being black-listed.

The Goddess will always ensure absolute discretion and that limits are always respected.

Everything is safe and consensual. Your safety is paramount. You will trust Goddess. She is loyal, discreet and honest.

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